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Polsun is a group redesign project of a company website that offers photovoltaics services for commercial clients. We choose Polsun over other user-unfriendly digital products, simply because we couldn't stand the current design.
Our goal was to make clear and user-friendly information architecture.


Our goal was to make the website accessible, without removing existing content. Instead, we added some propositions to the basic design, and made the whole product way better to interact with!



About Me

My name is Wiktor,

I’m a freelance digital creator. I’ve been doing the best work that I can for the last 5 years. I’m passionate about creating beautiful things, that serve function. In different words - I love creating useful design. Privately I’m a motohead, crypto enthusiast and a huge design freak. I love beautiful things, and sceneries, so I tend to make visual experiences one of the kind.

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