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MetaVoice is a crypto-based project, involving AI and blockchain technology.

The idea of the project is to launch a product that provides users with the ability to swap their voice with a different one, from its library.



When I first met MetaVoice it was a startup project without an online presence, but It already had a strong idea of what it is and what it wants to be. MetaVoice needed scalable solutions to mark its starting point, so for the first stage of the project, my job was to develop a branding project including incorporating the final design into promotion materials. In the last stage of my work - I created a prototype of a website, followed by complex interactive documents such as Whitepaper and Shorts, made especially for investors to learn more about the company.






For a brand like MetaVoice - an online presence is a crucial element of its whole identity. I focused on capturing the brand’s idea and its futuristic image, which resulted in designing a simple - yet very bold and powerful mark.





The preparation of an interactive prototype helped the stakeholders to see the implementation of the future design. After handing over the finished file to the developer from the Xd file - I could focus on the other aspects of the visual development of the brand.



The final stage of my cooperation with MetaVoice was about designing documents for the investors. There were a couple of requirements, so we decided to split them into more convenient chunks.
I made three different short documents for investors to briefly get to know the brand and also made them interactive so that users could navigate through different pdf files.
Lastly, I have prepared a Whitepaper document, which included more than 30+ pages, and to help users navigate through such file chapter navigation was implemented to give easy access to each new chapter.

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About Me

My name is Wiktor,

I’m a freelance digital creator. I’ve been doing the best work that I can for the last 5 years. I’m passionate about creating beautiful things, that serve function. In different words - I love creating useful design. Privately I’m a motohead, crypto enthusiast and a huge design freak. I love beautiful things, and sceneries, so I tend to make visual experiences one of the kind.

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