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Project made in collaboration with MountainSoft LLC.

IPM Project is a company working in services sector.
The client needed a website, and a logo with Key Visual for both of her companies. We suggested that the best practice, would be to create a website for both brands, instead of two seperate ones.



Our client came to us to request a website, but in the middle of our workshopping sessions, we came across a new problem, that haven't been adressed before. Our client was struggling to hire more employers.


Key Visual




Our client came to us with one problem, and we solved couple of them. We provided her with well structured website, that allowed interested future employers to apply directly to her mailbox, and also business owners who were looking for a business relation.

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Key Visual

It played a big role in our project, because without it, we probably would end up with another online courses platform. Thanks to research that we did, we found out what is really the case in our task.

I also played a quite important role in building out BMC,


Our mission was to create a great visual experience, and provide the best tools for our client. That meant focusing on the user.
We implemented a simple and elegant multi-step form to client's website, so her future employees can easily apply for open job positions!

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