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HIIT! Is a group college project, which takes its roots in the idea of industry switching.

As soon as we started brainstorming the ideas, we quickly discovered that a social skill-building platform is a great tool for our target group, and we decided to stick with it.


We got a task topic, which was career switching. We worked as a group, so after our workshopping sessions, we identified the pain points of people in the career change process and came up with the idea of a social skill-building platform. That's how HiIT! started. We created two different user flows, one for mentors, and one for students.


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About Me

My name is Wiktor,

I’m a freelance digital creator. I’ve been doing the best work that I can for the last 5 years. I’m passionate about creating beautiful things, that serve function. In different words - I love creating useful design. Privately I’m a motohead, crypto enthusiast and a huge design freak. I love beautiful things, and sceneries, so I tend to make visual experiences one of the kind.

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