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Hairbe Hair

HairbeHair is a hair beauty brand that distributes hair styling devices and cosmetics. The concept of the project was to create a feeling of a high-end brand while maintaining a minimalist style.

HairbeHair operates for a couple of years now, and from then, it has gathered more than 50k followers on Instagram and sells its products through its eCommerce shop.



Thanks to my workshopping with the client, before starting the design process, gave great research material. After defining the target group, the whole designing process became easy. My actions reflected on how the brand was perceived by its audience and resulted in distinctive visual effects and undisturbed flow of the brand which helped it to quickly become recognizable.



Social Media Posts



Oliver Capital had its logo, a good one - a monogram made of the first two letters of their name. We thought there was no need for a new logo - we needed to add more soul to it to develop its new flow. We used 3D elements for Oliver Capital's whole online identity.

Key Visual



Oliver Capital needed a tool. We had to deliver more than a good-looking website, one of our client's requirements was to implement a payment getaway, with a lead collecting mechanism. We created a multistep form informing users at which step they currently are, and how many left they have. After submitting the form, the client got the possibility to invest their money for a specific project, with the amount they wished.

Key Visual



Web Development of Oliver Capital was a piece of cake thanks to the low code tools we've used. We delivered a fast-working and good-looking website, which made our client extremely happy. Thanks to proper integrations, he received all the information he needed and got a tool for his business.

Key Visual



Hairbe Hair branding consists of a monogram mark with logotype and a simplified version with just the mark. The pattern is used in addition to highlighting the brand among other products available in stores.





Hairbe Hair packaging is meant to deliver a high-end brand feeling. After agreeing on the insights, such as price range, the complexity of the design and optimizing its cost - I started designing. My client decided on a slide-in-a-box type of packaging so we needed 2 parts of the design.



Social media posts are essential to a brand's positive reception. While thinking of Hairbe Hair as a fashion brand, the Social Media creations are made with a trendy and fresh approach. Bold designer-like posts, quickly catch the fanbase's attention and helps the company grow its revenue.

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My name is Wiktor,

I’m a freelance digital creator. I’ve been doing the best work that I can for the last 5 years. I’m passionate about creating beautiful things, that serve function. In different words - I love creating useful design. Privately I’m a motohead, crypto enthusiast and a huge design freak. I love beautiful things, and sceneries, so I tend to make visual experiences one of the kind.

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